The IQSS Undergraduate Research Scholars program is an opportunity for Harvard College students to gainĀ first-hand research experience working with faculty members all across the University.

How It Works

1. Find an Interest

Check out Research Opportunities to see what interests you!

2. Do Some Research

In order to enroll in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, take a look at How to Apply.

Use and contribute to these resources for DOING research we have put together--all you need to get started!

3. Get a Job

Students working at IQSS get the unique experience to interact with faculty and attend regular lunch seminars hosted by the Program. Doing research also gives you unique skills you might need for an honors thesis or to later get a job. Check out what people are saying to learn more!

What People Are Saying

"I very much appreciated that it allowed me to be involved in a valuable research project and the experience that it gave me."

"One of my favorite aspects of the program is that there are other undergraduates who are also interested in research involved."

"This experience was highly valuable because it provided me the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with members of the faculty."

"My research has uniquely prepared me for my senior thesis work."

"IQSS is a whole different type of learning than sitting in class, and I think anyone who does it will come out with a whole new set of skills and perspective on research."

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