The IQSS Undergraduate Research Scholars program is an opportunity for Harvard College students to gain first-hand research experience working with faculty members all across the University.

Undergrads: Get a Job, Get Experience


Gain valuable experience as a paid research assistant on new and exciting research projects led by Harvard faculty. There are two ways you can join our program:

1.  Check out our current job postings for projects in need of research assistants.


2.  Reach out to a faculty member you would like to work for as a research assistant, and talk to them about applying for a URS grant to hire you.

Find out more about the process at the How To Apply page.

Faculty: Get Funding, Get an RA

Take advantage of Undergraduate Research Scholars funding to bring in more research assistance for your project. Once awarded a URS grant, you can either:

1. Inform us of any Harvard undergraduate(s) you have already planned to hire,


2. Let us help you find a research assistant by posting the opportunity.

Find out how to apply for funding at the "How to Apply" page.