Conduct an Experiment

Lab, survey, field? Experiments provide control and the ability to randomize variables of interest. Researchers use these tools to deal with things like selection problems.

Places to do experiments

Harvard Decision Science Laboratory: Run no deception experiments with array of options including interactive computer games and physiological recordings during tasks.

Time Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS): provides opportunities for social science data collection and discovery by increasing speed, precision and efficiency when applying scientific theory/analysis to critical social problems.

Software for conducting experiments

Qualtrics: provides online survey software that can be used to conduct surveys online. Harvard's icommons provides free access.

MediaLab: Stimulus/response and other options often used by psychologists.

z-Tree: Free software for interactive game experiments.

e-Prime: Stimulus/response and other options often used by psychologists.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:  A website through which you can recruit workers for paid tasks.  Helpful if you need participants for surveys, strategic games, experiments etc.

Experimental Turk: A blog on social science experiments using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

mturkr: A package to integrate Amazon Mechanical Turk and R.