Favorite Tricks

General Questions/Top 10's

Top 10 Questions from Beginners: From the UCLA ATS group

Importing Data

Import Data (I): Importing data in txt or csv format into Stata

Import Data (II): Importing data in xml format into Stata

Common Types of Data Manipulation

Merging datasets is a common task in Stata.  This page from the UCLA guide describes how to do so, as well as what the important "_merge" variables mean.

Reshaping datasets from wide to long is another common task.  This page from the UCLA guide describes how to do so.  This page describes how to do so with World Bank data, and is generally applicable to datasets with many variables.

Outputting Results for Papers

Discussion of different options for results output: resource 1resource 2, resource 3, resource 4 (estout is one of the most commonly used). Helpful article on "rapid article writing". Outreg is another common Stata module to arrange regression output into publication-ready tables

Other Common Questions

One-tailed test: Stata reference on how to calculate a one-tailed test after regression estimation