Looking for financial or business data?  These sources will provide you with stock prices, consumer prices and more.

Harvard Business School Guide:  links to business and financial data.

WRDS: The Wharton Research Data services provides financial, economic, and marketing data.

Enterprise Surveys: Provides survey data at the firm level.  Must send an email introducing yourself to receive data.

UNCTAD: The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development provides commodity prices and statistics on FDI flows and stocks and participation in international investment related agreements.

IMF International Financial Statistics: International and domestic financial data including exchange rates, international liquidity, interest rates, money and banking, prices, inflation, and deflation, 1948-present.

IMF Government Finance Statistics: Time series data on central government revenue, expenditure, grants, financing, and debts, 1990-present.

IMF Balance of Payment Statistics: International economic transactions data and investment positions, 1960-present.

IMF Direction of Trade Statistics: Value of exports and imports between countries and their tradingpartners, 1980-present.

Link to Harvard's Subscription to IMF Data for more access.

Central Bank Governors: Information on the term in office of national central bank governors since 1970.

Harvard's Guide to Foreign Direct Investment Resources