Regional Data Sets

Collected Regional Data

World Bank Countries & Regions:  data sets and bank project documents by region


AfroBarometer: Opinion Polls on/for African countries


CESSDA: The council of European social science data archives provides data and support in finding data to users.

EU Project 2010: Data on quality of government within the 27 countries of the European Union.

Openly Local: data on local councils in the UK, scraped from council websites.

Middle East

Arab Barometer: Opinion Polls on/for Arab countries

ICDT:  Islamic Centre for Development and Trade.  This website provides trade statistics on Middle Eastern countries.


Indian Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation: Country-wide data by sector (Industry/Agriculture/Social/Service). Also, national accounts, socioeconomic census, and NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) data.

India Water Portal: 200+ datasets on water and related issues in India. Also, meteorological data for the past 100 years

India Stat:  Aggregator site with national, state-level, and sector-specific data. Also data on crime, health, sports, etc.

Office of the Census Commissioner, India: Census and population data.

Election Commission of India: Election results for Indian general elections and state-level elections in Excel format. Also important election-related laws and summary of electoral reforms proposed by Commission, together with political party information.

World Bank - South Asia Resources: Landing page for analysis, country data, evaluations and projects on all countries in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan).

Social Science Japan Data Archive: Assorted Japan data.


Texas A&M China Archive: Data on China and US-China relations, including demographic, geospatial, arms exports, public accounting, financial history, sectoral, social stability, and some survey data.

China National Bureau of Statistics: Economic, industrial, transportation, housing, telecommunications, and other sectoral data.

HOLLIS China Data Online: Portal to national, provincial, and county level Chinese economic and census indicators.

Sebastian Bauhoff: Collects links to useful sources on China.

Chinese General Social Survey: Annual or biannual survey of China's urban and rural households designed to gather longitudinal data on social trends and the changing relationship between social structure and quality of life.  Register for use.

China Health and Nutrition Survey: One of the most widely used surveys for micro-level research on China, run by UNC Chapel Hill.

China Household Income Project: Survey data on income distributions and poverty.

UMich China Data Center: GIS data on various levels, statistical yearbooks, some historical data.

China Dimensions: Geocoded data generally from the early 1990s on maps, health, and economics, from the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center.

Chinese Health and Family Life Survey: University of Chicago survey on sexual behaviors in China 1999-2000, covering 18 provinces, 83 communities, and 5,000 individuals.

Gansu Human Capital Project: Penn site with links to several recent or ongoing projects, including the Gansu Survey of Children and Families, Rural School Networks, and Human Capital in China's Urban Labor Market.

China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study and Chinese Family Panel Studies, large scale surveys from the Peking University Institute of Social Science Survey.

Chinese Humanistic and Social Science Survey Data Archive from the Renmin University National Survey Research Center.

Tsinghua China Data Center: data from various surveys including the Study and Development of Chinese Undergraduates, Chinese Urbanization and Labor Migration, Survey of Rural High School in Shaanxi Province 2007-2008, Survey of Village Public Investment in China 2008.

China Household Finance Survey: the first national representative survey on household finance in China, covering 320 communities in 80 counties of 25 provinces totaling over 8,400 families.  From the Southwestern University of China.

China Data Online:  Statistical data from China's National Bureau of Statistics.

Latin America

Dilemmas in Democracy from the Open Economy: Lessons from Latin America: Contains data related to the paper research on "Dilemmas in Democracy" in Latin America and includes data on development, economic reform, individual and collective political participation.

Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP): Public opinion data from 26 countries in the Western Hemisphere. Includes US as of 2010. Surveys conducted every two years.  (Harvard access)

Latinobarometer: Annual cross-national public opinion project in Latin America that began in 1995. Covers 18 countries.