LaTeX (Typesetting)

Links and resources for writing documents in LaTeX.

Getting started with LaTeX:  LaTeX introduction

LaTeX: Official home of the LaTeX document preparation system. Download LaTeX here.

Install Latex on a Mac: Step by step instructions for setting up a LaTeX system on your Mac.

Detexify: resource for obtaining escape sequences for special symbols in LaTeX based on identification of hand-drawn symbols.

LaTeX Symbols:  find LaTeX escape sequences for special symbols

Intro to TikZ, and Graphics with TikZ:  Make cool graphics in LaTeX

Typeset Foreign Languages: Guide from Rich Nielsen about how to typeset foreign languages in LaTeX. Focus is on Arabic, but broadly applicable to other languages.

Professional-Looking Tables: apsrtable() produces journal-formatted tables in R that can be inserted into a Latex document.

Sideways Tables: To rotate a large table sideways, include \usepackages{rotating} at the beginning of a Latex document and use \begin{sidewaystable} instead of \begin{table}.

Learning to use Sweave in APA Style: Writing documents in Latex with results, tables, and figures generated in R.


Blind versus Not Blind: Template that shows how to setup your paper to easily be blinded for journal submission

LaTeX CV Template: Template to produce your CV in LaTeX

Blogs  Lots of greats examples