Update Your Skills

New Media Tutorials: Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts

R Revolutions blog:  get R updates and lots of R tips.

R Statistics blog: for more advanced users of R

Stat Methods blog: a resource for tips and R trainings around the country.

One R tip a Day:  Follow this twitter feed!

R Graph of the Week blog

R Video resources nyhackR, here (kudos to Drew Conway).

R + Applied Econometrics Blog: This blog, authored by applied econ grad student Kevin Goulding, is an excellent resource. It is a very clear overview of how to implement standard methods (e.g. hypothesis testing, fixed effects) and make nice graphs.

R-Bloggers: R news and tutorials from several hundred R bloggers.

Ports from Other Statistical Packages

Excel to R: Resources on converting to R from Excel

Matlab, Python and R:  Basic commands in all three languages

R for SPSS and SAS Users: An intro to R seen through the lens of SPSS and SAS users.

Rcpp Intro: Helpful slides on integrating R and C++ using Rcpp

Additional Coding Tricks

Simulation: How to simulate in R and Stata.