Inequality, Information, and Perceptions of Meritocracy: Evidence from China


Faculty Member: Xiang Zhou

How does awareness of economic inequality affect individuals' perceptions of meritocracy and preferences for redistribution? Does information about inequality have heterogeneous effects among individuals with different economic resources and ideological orientations? Answers to these questions have profound implications for understanding how media coverage of controversial issues shapes the distribution of public opinion. To approach this goal, we will conduct a survey experiment among 2,500 Chinese netizens,...

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The Origins of State Capacity in China

Faculty Member: Professor Yuhua Wang

This project examines the historical origins of state capacity at the sub-national level in China. Using historical, quantitative data, investigate the impact of war, crops, and the imperial civil service exam system on contemporary China's local state capacity.

Description of RA Duties: Responsibilities primarily include collecting data from Chinese sources, such as gazetteers. Some simple data analysis might be involved as well.

Requirements: Must be able to read Chinese....

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China Biographical Database Project

Faculty Member: Peter Bol

Description: This research project consists of prosopographical, social network, and spatial analysis.  We are in interested in how Chinese social and political elites interact from the 7th through the 19th century.  Students are responsible for research on items (such as historical placenames) used for coding data, some database management, research on historical bureaucratic titles.  A reading knowledge of Chinese is required.

This position is part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) in the...

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