Past Research

Pentecostal Churches and Political Attitudes in Kenya

Faculty Member: Gwyneth McClendon

This project seeks to describe messages about inequality, political corruption, and state social spending that Pentecostal churches are dispensing in Sub-Saharan Africa, and to understand how these messages are affecting citizens’ political attitudes and behavior.

To that end, part of the project involves the development of a database of sermon texts from a representative sample of Pentecostal churches in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as a laboratory experiment at the Busara Center in Nairobi. I seek an RA to help with preparing the database of...

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Spatial Cognition in Political Reasoning

Faculty Member: Ryan Enos

Using a map based interface, we collect data on the awareness of citizens about the spatial location of groups. This tests the importance of spatial cognition in political reasoning.

This position is part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) in the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University.

Heritage Languages: Research, Documentation, and Educational Policy

Faculty Member: Maria Polinsky

The Polinsky Language Sciences Lab is a linguistics lab that examines questions of language structure and its effect on the ways in which people use and process language in real time. One of our primary areas of focus is the study of heritage speakers--those who grew up hearing or speaking a particular language but who are now more fluent in a different, societally dominant language.... Read more about Heritage Languages: Research, Documentation, and Educational Policy

Emotion and Legal Reasoning

Professor Jennifer Lerner and Professor Yuval Feldman's research project on Emotion and Legal Reasoning consists of literature review, assistance in preparing submissions to IRB, support in development of experimental design, running experiments at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory, and data analysis.... Read more about Emotion and Legal Reasoning