Fisheries Management, Food Security and Human Nutrition

Faculty Member: Dr. Christopher Golden

Our project will tackle the following four questions: 1) what is the current role of fish and other seafood in maintaining macro and micro-nutrient nutrition for populations around the world; 2) how will projected changes in global fish stocks affect human nutrition; 3) which populations have the greatest nutritional vulnerability to changes in the status of fisheries; and 4) which marine conservation and fisheries management strategies would pay the largest health dividends at a variety of scales from local to global? One of the centerpiece products of this effort will be an analytic framework and architecture that will allow decision-makers to calculate the health implications of different marine management strategies at a variety of scales from local to global. We hope to estimate shifts in burdens of disease for particular populations associated with either increased or decreased access to seafood in the diet using data that we will collect and assemble from certain case study areas: Madagascar, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, coastal British Columbia, and others. Such estimates will allow decision makers to calculate, for the first time, the public health implications of their management decisions, creating policy tools that have the potential to revolutionize how we think about fisheries management, how we internalize health costs into marine and aquatic resource management, and how we improve food security in the Global South.

Description of RA Duties: The student will be responsible for cleaning and integrating data sets from various case study focal countries. After this is finished, the student will be responsible for creating a master database (preferably in MySQL). Finally, the primary activities will be for the student to be working with Dr. Golden and other associated researchers in developing research questions and working jointly on analyses and interpretations of the data.

Requirements: Preferred understanding of MySQL; Preferred use of R and/or STATA; Some background experience in managing a database or cleaning data would be ideal. Must be a current Harvard College undergraduate. If hired, students will participate in the IQSS URS program.

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