Inequality, Information, and Perceptions of Meritocracy: Evidence from China


Faculty Member: Xiang Zhou

How does awareness of economic inequality affect individuals' perceptions of meritocracy and preferences for redistribution? Does information about inequality have heterogeneous effects among individuals with different economic resources and ideological orientations? Answers to these questions have profound implications for understanding how media coverage of controversial issues shapes the distribution of public opinion. To approach this goal, we will conduct a survey experiment among 2,500 Chinese netizens, examining how their policy preferences change in response to newly acquired information about rising inequality, and whether different segments of the population respond to the stimulus differently.

RA duties:


Student will be in charge of administrating a survey experiment on a Chinese crowdsourcing website, collecting data from recorded responses, and, if possible, conducting some basic data analysis.



Student must be able to read and speak Chinese. Must be a current Harvard College Undergraduate. 


Please email Xinag Zhou ( with your resume.

This position is part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) in the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. If hired, students will participate in the IQSS URS program. Scholars must be current Harvard College undergraduates.