Modernism in Color: Modern Architecture in Venezuela and the Art of Carlos Cruz-Diez

Faculty Member: Patricio del Real


This project examines the artistic and conceptual legacy of Carlos Cruz-Diez, a major kinetic artist and thinker of color theory of
the 20th century, and its intersection with modern architecture in Venezuela and beyond. Cruz-Diez collaborated in more than 90 architectural interventions around the world. In these little-known projects, he studied and developed conceptual and material relationships between art and the built environment. The research assistant will engage in bibliographic research, and classification of artistic and architectural works. We will work with the Cruz-Diez Foundation in Paris, France, in preparation for a book on the Venezuelan artist.



RA duties:


The research assistant will engage in bibliographic research and in preparing visual records of architectural and artistic works.




Bibliographic research skills in art, architecture and related databases.
Basic knowledge of image manipulation and visual information management.
Must be a current Harvard College Undergraduate. 

Skills hoping to Develop:


Collection of foreign language texts; bibliographic research; image information management and organization; historical research in architecture and art.



Please email Prof del Real at with your resume.

This position is part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) in the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. If hired, students will participate in the IQSS URS program. Scholars must be current Harvard College undergraduates.