A Stylometric Analysis of Phillip Wright's "The Tariff on Animal and Vegetable Oils"

This research project is a continuing project of the stylometric analysis of Phillip Wright's Appendix B from his book, "The Tariff on Animal and Vegetable Oils", which outlined the method of instrumental variable regression. A number of letters between Phillip and Sewall Wright contain the development of IV regression. This project requires deciphering the statistical work in their letters. It will also be useful to recreate some of the statistical analysis and convert the letters into digital form. My research is trying to answer the questions: How did Phillip and Sewall Wright work to develop the method of instrumental variable regression? What was the first regression analysis? Who is mostly responsible for this development?

The research scholar converts letters into digital form, including the pages of mathematical scratch work and analysis as well as diagrams.  Furthermore, the student analyzes these letters to find important turning points in the Wrights' discussion. Lastly, the student also recreates the statistical work the Wrights did in both their historic method and with contemporary computing methods.

  • Sponsoring Faculty MemberJames Stock
  • Research Scholar: Kerry Clark