Women's Worlds Digital Archival Project

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran is a digital archival project developed at Harvard and housed with the HC Library’s Digital Collection. The application is written in Ruby on Rails. We are now working on developing additional features, such as elastic search and a NoSQL graph database (Neo4j) to provide rich semantic relationship between the various entities in the archive (items, people, places, etc). The application is being developed by Vermonster, a local web application consulting firm. We are looking for an intern to help with the development effort.

What would you get out of this experience? Working with Vermonster (at their office, they practice pair-programming) on a cutting edge technology stack with real experience developing and deploying a "cloud application" will give you highly marketable experience. The technology you will be using is exactly what internet startups are using. Experience with an agile development team (we are using Kanban and Kaizen principles) will give you a big advantage over your peers after you graduate.

We are looking for someone who is first and foremost interested in the project, but also has some experience with the following:
 * OSX / Linux - comfortable with command line tools
 * Understanding of web application architecture (MVC, request-response cycle, etc)
 * HTML (semantic, html5 even)
 * CSS
 * Javascript (jQuery)

And a bonus if you any of:
 * Working knowledge of Ruby
 * Experience with the landscape of Amazon AWS tools and services
 * RDBMS (Postgres, MySQL)
 * Experience with git (source code version management)
 * Elasticsearch
 * Neo4j
 * Coffescript
 * Backbone.js
 * Sass