Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Research,  Collaboration,  Discovery.

By taking part in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, students and faculty engage in a unique collaborative experience that fosters teamwork and a sense of academic community.  At the same time that faculty members receive support for their research,  students become an integral part of an academic team and gain first-hand experience in on-going, faculty-led research projects in a diverse array of fields. 

In order to enroll in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, faculty members should read How to Apply and send in a completed application form.  Students interested in joining the program should also check How to Apply as well as Current Opportunities to find out about the various projects available to them.

In addition to working on unique research projects, faculty and students attend regular lunch seminars hosted by the Director of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program.  Additionally, students are invited to participate in numerous professional and social events throughout the year.  All students in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program are considered to be full members of IQSS.

Explore this site to learn more about past and present research being conducted through this program and how to get involved!