Pentecostal Churches and Political Attitudes in Kenya

Faculty Member: Gwyneth McClendon

This project seeks to describe messages about inequality, political corruption, and state social spending that Pentecostal churches are dispensing in Sub-Saharan Africa, and to understand how these messages are affecting citizens’ political attitudes and behavior.

To that end, part of the project involves the development of a database of sermon texts from a representative sample of Pentecostal churches in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as a laboratory experiment at the Busara Center in Nairobi. I seek an RA to help with preparing the database of sermon texts for analysis. The RA may also help with the cleaning, analysis and interpretation of data from the lab experiment. Tasks will include transcribing audio, video and paper sermons that have been collected from Nairobi, as well as developing and implementing coding schemes.

This position is part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) in the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University.