The Political Legacy of American Slavery

Professors Matthew Blackwell (Gov) and Maya Sen (HKS) are seeking paid undergraduate research assistants to work on a book project on the long-term impact of slavery on contemporary American political attitudes. The book project is co-authored with Professor Avidit Acharya at Stanford University.

Duties: This is a great opportunity for an undergraduate to see a book project move from start to finish. The research assistant will be involved in all components of the book writing. We specifically need someone who is very comfortable in collecting and summarizing quantitative data, so familiarity with U.S. Census data, ICPSR data, and Dataverse is a plus, as is experience working with quantitative data files (such as .csv files or Excel files). We will give preference to those with stronger statistical skills, for example to those who can use R or STATA to create basic summary statistics. Other tasks will include reading and summarizing key areas of the literature, editing existing text, and looking up and verifying citations. Tasks will change from week to week and can be done remotely from Massachusetts. However, RA must report to the research team at least once every two weeks and attend occasional meetings of the research group.

Requirements: Reliability, basic data skills, and good research, writing and organizational skills. Knowledge of American politics a plus. Must be a current Harvard College undergraduate.

Skills developed:Experience locating and summarizing quantitative data, basic statistical analysis