Receptiveness to opposing socio-political views

Faculty Member: Julia Minson

The Collaboration and Negotiation Lab conducts psychological research on judgment and decision making, groups and teams, negotiations, and social influence using theories and methods from social psychology, organizational behavior, and behavioral decision making. Our lab seeks to answer questions such as: What conditions make people willing to listen and be receptive to views and opinions that they strongly oppose? How do groups and teams make decisions differently from individuals in collaborative and combative contexts? What happens to someone's confidence, decision-making, and logical reasoning skills when they defend a strongly held belief? The Minson Lab also bridges public policy and behavioral science research addressing questions such as: What are the psychological, cognitive, and behavioral effects of using a firearm? What is the psychology behind parental vaccine resistance and how can that resistance be mitigated? For a list of projects that the lab has worked on in the past, please visit the following website:

RA duties:

As a Research Assistant you will learn how to run experiments in the laboratory, design and launch online experiments, prepare experimental stimuli and conduct basic data analysis. You will work closely with other members of the lab team and attend weekly lab meetings to discuss the lab's research.



- Harvard College Undergraduate
-Interest in behavioral science research; background in psychology strongly preferred 
-Ability to devote 10 hours a week
-Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
-Is reliable, personable and professional (has the ability to maintain authority when speaking in front of groups)

Please email Logan Berg ( with your resume, unofficial transcript, and a paragraph or two about your interests and experiences.


This position is part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) in the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. If hired, students will participate in the IQSS URS program. Scholars must be current Harvard College undergraduates.



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