Cognitive Psychology

Laboratory for Developmental Studies

Faculty Member: Elizabeth Spelke

The Lab for Developmental Studies is seeking highly motivated and independent student researchers to assist with studies on representations of number, objects, and people. Responsibilities center around working on a project with a graduate student or postdoc mentor, and may include designing and running experiments in the lab, in parks and daycares, and online, recruiting participants, organizing and analyzing data, and writing manuscripts.... Read more about Laboratory for Developmental Studies

Aggression & Decision-Making

Faculty Member: Professor Joshua Buckholtz

We are interested in how and why people make poor cost-benefit decisions in order to harm others. For example, why might someone choose to hurt another person in a dispute when the consequences for this action loom large? This project will investigate how and why people make decisions to aggress using a series of behavioral tasks looking at traits such as aggression, decision-making, impulsivity, and cognitive flexibility.... Read more about Aggression & Decision-Making