Laboratory for Developmental Studies

Faculty Member: Elizabeth Spelke

The Lab for Developmental Studies is seeking highly motivated and independent student researchers to assist with studies on representations of number, objects, and people. Responsibilities center around working on a project with a graduate student or postdoc mentor, and may include designing and running experiments in the lab, in parks and daycares, and online, recruiting participants, organizing and analyzing data, and writing manuscripts.... Read more about Laboratory for Developmental Studies

Evaluating Programs that Prevent Violence Against Children

Faculty Member: Jacqueline Bhabha

This project documents and evaluates the community organizing models used by three Indian nonprofits to prevent harm to vulnerable children. Its aim is to develop a deeper understanding of strategies for preventing child abuse, exploitation, and neglect. It is intended as a contribution to the nascent field of risk reduction in child rights work, and a corrective to the overriding focus on remedies that target already occurred violations of children’s fundamental rights. ... Read more about Evaluating Programs that Prevent Violence Against Children