Decision Making Research Opportunity with Jennifer Lerner

Faculty Member: Dr. Jennifer S. Lerner

Dr. Jennifer S. Lerner is a Professor of Public Policy and Management at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Co-founder of the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. Drawing insights from psychology, economics, and neuroscience, her research examines human judgment and decision making. The undergraduate research assistant works with Dr. Lerner and her team on a variety of projects relevant to economics, finance, public health, and national security.

Our team selects undergraduate students who are conscientious, smart, and eager to use science to make the world a better place. Such students assist us in:

  • Administering experiments at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory – often to elite government and military leaders – as well as through online survey systems
  • Conducting literature reviews and other background research
  • Preparing slides in Power Point for presentation
  • Coding data, summarizing results, and preparing it for presentation
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Tracking down references
  • Finding ways to apply behavioral insights of our research to inform public policy

Highly talented students who work with our team for over one year will have the opportunity to become involved in high levels of research, including designing studies, analyzing data, making public presentations, and co-authoring scientific papers for publication.